Pallet Distribution: Avoiding Mistakes When Preparing Your Loads

Posted on: 31 January 2022

Pallets are perfect for shipping commercial goods. These units protect goods, provide support to large loads and make transportation convenient. Unfortunately, the cost of shipping small loads of merchandise to individual businesses or customers can be overwhelming. Therefore, if you are thinking about using pallets in your business, consider the benefits of using a distribution network. A pallet distribution setup allows for the grouping of pallets to minimise the cost and inconvenience of transportation. Moreover, distributors offer storage options for loaded pallets. However, you must prepare your goods adequately to ensure the safety and integrity of your goods. Here are some tips to think about when planning for your pallet transportation.

Consider the Load Size

When preparing your commercial freight, consider the size of your load. In general, pallet distribution networks have standardised size options for transportation. The primary choices are full, half and quarter pallet loads. You should check with your chosen transporter on the limits applied to each category before preparing your goods for transit. Ensure that the details on both the dimensions and the weight are clear to avoid complications. For instance, if you exceed the limit for a quarter load, you might be charged for a half pallet. Therefore, plan with care to maximise the benefits of this form of shipping. Keep in mind that most companies provide an option for bulk items. Inquire about this if you have an oversized load.

Secure the Merchandise

You should secure your loads for pallet transport to avoid financial losses. If the goods are not protected, they could sustain damage during handling or shipping. This issue could cause consumer dissatisfaction and even the need for merchandise replacement. Therefore, pack your freight as recommended by the pallet distributor. For the best outcome, unitise the goods and use shrink wrap to stabilise each package.

Check the Printed Labels

Mislabelling is a common problem in the shipping industry. Therefore, you must be cautious to avoid delays in shipping and additional costs. Remember, a small error could cause a lot of complications because pallet distributors handle a large volume of goods. Choose an individual employee to prepare and print your labels with the code assigned for the freight by the transporter. Ensure that each label is correct and securely placed before the consignment leaves your premises. Finally, inquire about the tracking options for your pallet in case of mishaps. Modern pallet distributors have automated tracking, so you can monitor the shipment. If there are anomalies, report the problem immediately.