Wedding Bus Hire Tips

Posted on: 12 May 2021

Wedding bus hire is an instant solution for all your transportation needs on your big day. It ensures convenience since guests do not have to use their cars. Furthermore, they will arrive as a group hence ensuring organisation at the venue. So, how do you hire a bus for your wedding? Below is a comprehensive guide. 

Choose An Appropriate Bus

Choosing a bus is not as easy as many would presume. You need to consider the following: 

  • What model do you prefer? Some people could be inclined towards specific models due to sentimental attachments, design, engine power, or features such as luggage space.
  • What type of bus do you require? For example, you could opt for a party bus to keep your guests entertained throughout the day.
  • What is the seating capacity of the bus? Ideally, it should have extra seats since some guests could bring a plus one or their kids.
  • Is the bus comfortable for your guests? For instance, it should have a ramp if you will have disabled passengers. Besides, it should have safety features such as seat belts and fire extinguishers. 

Work With A Reliable Hiring Company

A mistake made by most people is failing to vet the various wedding bus hire companies. This oversight could lead to disappointments on the wedding day. One of your immediate concerns should be whether the hiring company has the bus that you need. If so, is it available on your wedding day? Rather than asking the company to explain their terms of hire, request them to send you a copy of the hiring contract. It will give you a comprehensive understanding of the dos and don'ts of wedding bus hire. Read the agreement to understand whether you can decorate the bus or use it outside the state. You should also assess the pricing strategy. For example, what are the penalties, additional and hidden charges? For instance, some companies could impose an extra cost if you exceed a specified number of stops or mileage. Negotiate for friendly terms before hiring the bus. 

Create A Transport Plan

Once you commit to hiring the bus, the company will ask you to submit a transport detailing the routes you intend to use, the stops you will make, the wedding and reception venues. The primary objective of this plan is to prevent confusion on the wedding day and ensure that the company can track its bus. Share this plan with your wedding guests to ensure they do not keep the driver waiting. 

Hiring a wedding bus should no longer be a nerve-wracking task. Choose an appropriate bus, work with a reliable wedding bus hire company and create a transport plan.