Top Tips During Tourist Bus Hire

Posted on: 14 October 2019

Have you been wondering what the best way to tour Austalia's countryside is? Tourist buses are one of the best modes of transport. The coaches offered are not only comfortable but also have a qualified driver to drive you as you enjoy Australia's beautiful landscape. The article below discusses a few considerations you should make when considering a tourist bus hire.


As a rule of the thumb, always work with reputable bus hire companies. Check the company's website and social media pages to determine whether it is legitimate. The company should be registered to provide transport services in your state. Besides, it should have a physical location. Avoid companies with negative reviews on social media and travel blogs. 

Type of Bus

Other than the sitting capacity of the coach, below are a few other considerations to make when choosing a tourist bus: 

  • Does the bus have sufficient luggage space? Space is an important consideration if your group has a lot of baggage.
  • What is the mechanical condition of the bus? Ask for a recent inspection report and the service records of the coach.
  • What kind of insurance does the bus have? Choose a bus with a comprehensive insurance cover.
  • What amenities are available on the bus? For long-distance travel, you may need a coach with a restroom, reclining seats, an excellent entertainment system, and charging ports.
  • If you need to travel in luxury, go for a luxury coach that comes with a lounge, kitchen, restroom and bedrooms.

Terms of Hire

The bus company should have reasonable terms of hire. Read the company's terms and condition and look out for the following: 

  • What activities are restricted on the bus? Most companies prohibit dangerous behaviours such as bus surfing and sexual acts that may distract the driver and other road users.
  • Although most companies do not restrict food and drinks on the bus, you may be charged if you litter the bus.
  • Are you allowed to change the route or destination?
  • Would the company provide an alternative means of transport if the bus broke down? 

Bookings and Preparation

Book the bus a few weeks in advance since the coach might be fully booked during the weekend and holidays. Essential preparation will include creating an itinerary of your trip. Share it with the bus hire company to help the driver prepare for the journey. Besides, inform your friends of the pickup location and time of departure. Carry cards and board games to play as you travel.

Always work with reputable companies when booking a tourist bus. Besides, choose the right kind of coach, inquire about the terms of hire, and book the bus in advance.