Top Considerations When Looking for Refrigerated Transport Services

Posted on: 13 July 2020

Whether you're transporting perishable goods by rail or road, you should be aware that the quality of the products can deteriorate within a short period if the conditions aren't ideal and proper handling practices are lacking. Most business owners assume that looking for refrigerated haulage services is a straightforward exercise; however, that is not the case. You need to consider a few parameters in order to land the ideal service provider. Here are a few tips to guide business owners on what to prioritise when looking for refrigerated transport services.

Segregation of Goods

In most instances, different goods are transported using a single truck, which might compromise the quality of products during transit. When looking for refrigerated transport, business owners should provide terms and conditions regarding the co-mingling of goods. Best practices require that a customer lists the assets to be segregated, especially when mixed loads and multiple stops are part of a transport schedule. For example, frozen fish products should be separated from flowers due to the strong odour. Written exclusion indemnifies a client since a carrier is held responsible if contamination occurs during transportation.

Multi-Temperature Refrigerated Trailer

While sharing of refrigerated trucks is typical, customers should always enquire if multi-temperature refrigerated trailers (MTRT) are available to ensure that the quality of different products is not compromised during transit. The MTRT are equipped with evaporator units and controls to enable carriers to provide separate temperature zones within a single truck. Besides, the control units have microchips that allow a carrier to actively monitor and troubleshoot any issues that might arise in real time, thereby ensuring that the quality of goods is maintained based on customer requirements. Consequently, it is now possible to transport frozen and non-frozen goods in the same vehicle. Before engaging the services of a refrigerated haulage company, enquire if MTRT services are available for the specific products you intend to transport.

Product Packaging

Proper packaging is a vital consideration during refrigerated transport to prevent damage to products. A common assumption among many business owners is that all goods can be packaged using similar wrappers. However, different cargos can require specialised packaging. For example, a client should ask for crush-resistant packaging to minimise damage to fragile products. Besides, if the goods being hauled are frozen, then non-vented packaging is the most ideal. If the products being transported are fresh, then vented storage is the most appropriate.

To learn more, contact a company that offers refrigerated transport services.