Organising a Coach Journey For Older People

Posted on: 19 March 2018

If you are planning a day trip for a group of older people, it is likely you will be considering hiring a coach in order to transport them to and from the destination. However, when chartering a bus for older people, it is essential that you take steps to ensure that that the bus is suitable for them. Older people often have specific needs which may not be met by a standard coach hire. Below is a guide to some of the things which will make the journey more comfortable for the group.

Low-step or no-step access

Many older people have some form of mobility issue. They may struggle to climb stairs due to injury or unsteadiness. When booking a bus charter for elderly people, you should seek out a bus which has low-step or no-step access. As the name suggests, low-step access coaches are fitted with very low steps which are easy to climb. No-step buses have walkways which are all on one level. A low-step or no-step bus may also have a hydraulic lift which lowers the door to the height of the curb when people are boarding. Such features make it much easier for older people to enter and exit the bus.

Onboard toilet 

While you have probably scheduled in rest breaks to your journey, it is important to realise that older people are more likely to need to visit the bathroom on a more regular basis than younger people and they may experience problems with incontinence. For these reasons, it is vital that you choose a charter bus which is fitted with an onboard toilet. This will allow members of the party to relieve themselves during the journey rather than having to wait for the next rest stop and will help to prevent any unpleasant accidents.

Extra legroom and seat cushioning

While no one likes to be uncomfortable during a bus journey, questions of comfort become much more critical when organising a trip for elderly people. The elderly are much more likely to experience medical conditions such as arthritis or to be in recovery from operations on their hips. To ensure everyone in the group has a comfortable and enjoyable day trip, it is essential that you choose a bus hire which offers plenty of leg room and seat cushioning.

If you would like further information and advice about organising a bus trip for older people, contact your local bus charter company today.