4 Reasons Your Hen Party Deserves a Party Bus Instead of a Boat

Posted on: 16 October 2017

It isn't uncommon for girls arranging a hen night to end up struggling to choose between hiring a party bus or taking a cruise out for the night on a party boat. Both can be great options, but there's a reason why party buses are more popular. In fact, there's more than one – here are just four reasons why hen parties tend to prefer enjoying the night on a party bus instead of a boat.

1. Zero Chance of Seasickness

Okay, let's get the obvious point out of the way first – if you go out on a boat, there's always a chance of seasickness. Even if you head out on a lake or other calm stretch of water, the rocking motion can still make you feel a little queasy. Think you can handle it? Well, maybe – but you and your girls might just feel differently after having a line of shots. However, we're all used to the movement involving in being on a bus, so you can hire a party bus without worrying about keeping your drink down.

2. Less Dependent on the Weather

All in all, being out on a party boat for the day is wonderful when the weather is behaving. If there's a cold snap, high winds, or a bit of rain, you'll be stuck down below instead of getting to sun yourself, and you should keep in mind that bad weather is worse to deal with when you're out on the water, unprotected from all sides.

3. Takes You Places

Probably the biggest advantage that comes with hiring a party bus is that it's a truer form of transport for a hen night than a boat is. A boat can take you other places, but you're probably just going to head out and then come back to the same place. A party bus can take you all around town. If you suddenly feel like heading to a certain club or swinging back to the hotel, you can do just that simply by asking the driver. With a cruise, you're stuck out on the water.

4. Added Convenience

Finally, a party bus is just a whole lot more convenient than a boat. It can pick you up from your hotel or from the airport, and there won't be many restrictions as to where you can go. You want to make sure your hen party goes as easily as possible, so a party bus only makes sense.

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