Don't Overlook These Important Factors When Renting a Party Bus

Posted on: 8 December 2016

A party bus is a great way for a large group to travel to and from an event, without anyone worrying about the driving. A party bus can also mean a true party atmosphere, as it may be outfitted with a full bar, stereo, and even an open space on the floor for dancing. If you're ready to rent a party bus, however, note a few important factors you don't want to overlook so you know you get the right one and know what's involved.

1. There is a difference between a party bus, a stretch limo, and regular touring bus

When you want to rent a chauffeur-driven vehicle for any occasion, you may use the term "bus," not realizing the differences between rental vehicles. Note that each type of stretch limo, SUV, Hummer, touring bus, and party bus are all going to be different. Some limos are very long and meant for a large group, and they may look like a party bus on the outside, but the ceiling inside may not be tall enough for that dance floor you envision; their length may also be more for show than for accommodating more people.

A bus may also be somewhat stripped down and only meant for touring or driving a group to a destination; it may not have a bar, disco lights, the dance floor you want, a stereo, and so on. Don't call up a rental agency and just ask for a bus or even just a party bus without checking out the different features inside and out, so you get the accessories you want.

2. Late parties may mean two days of charges

You might arrange a party bus to take you to different clubs around town, a late concert, or a friend's New Year's Eve party, without thinking of when the evening will be over. If so, note what time the bus needs to bring you back home before you're charged for two days of rentals; some might be available until 2 a.m., as an example, but if you're still out partying at 6 a.m., this might be counted as an extra day! Be sure you ask ahead of time so you can adjust your plans accordingly or know what fees you might face.

3. A party bus may have more age restrictions

Since a bus meant for an actual party may have alcohol in the back, it may have more age restrictions for passengers than a standard limousine or touring bus. If you want to bring your kids or any underage guests along, be sure you note if this is allowed, and be prepared to have everyone show identification when boarding.