Truck Manufacture Tips 101 | Offering Quality Truck Doors

Posted on: 7 December 2015

Due to expanding trade, the need for better transport mechanisms has increased. Trailers and other freight vehicles have come to play a major role in conveying commodities from one point to another. However, these vehicles need to be secure, justifying their need for strong doors. If you are a manufacturer of trucks and relevant body parts, below are some ways to produce quality Toddco roller doors tailored to your consumer's needs.

Use Super Rollers

These rollers are preferable because they last longer than standard rollers. They are fitted with sealed bearings specially designed for precision and durability. In addition, their wheel shafts are made of composite steel, making them resistance to corrosion. This helps elongate the life of the truck door. The rollers also have composite wheels engineered for silent operation, thereby reducing the noise of opening and closing truck doors. Lastly, these rollers undergo quality internal lubrication allowing smooth operation even in cold conditions.

Assemble Green

With the world going green, production of eco-friendly commodities now seems more moral and attractive. Moreover, it wouldn't hurt to save some trees. You may want to consider assembling weathertite poly composite truck doors. These doors don't use plywood core like others. Instead, they are made of recyclable poly composite material. Thanks to this material, your buyers will no longer have to worry about swelling, delamination and rotting in the future. Although they are not as tough as tough-shell truck doors, they improve on the durability and life expectancy of other plywood doors.

Install FRP for Dry Freight Trucks

This truck door is made up of fiberglass reinforced plywood, hence explaining its name. The fiberglass is laminated on either side of a plywood core, making the door completely water resistant. This ensures the goods are dry at all times. In addition, you can also install dry freight tough shell doors. This is an improved version of the FRP doors through an application of tough shell liquid polymers. This liquid creates a skin coat on the FRP, thus providing total protection from moisture. It also protects the goods from contamination by restricting intrusion of chemicals and UV rays.

Install Refrigerated Roller Doors for Cold Freight

When assembling a truck for transport of refrigerated goods, you need to ensure the truck's storage component is well insulated and can maintain low temperatures. An insulated polar guard freezer door would do the trick. It consists of fiberglass shells containing thermally efficient polyurethane foam, which aids in maintaining temperatures down to 20 degrees Celsius. Lastly, its rubber seal prevents cold air from escaping when the door is properly fitted.